Rocket VPN for Android and iOS

Today, we use our Smartphones for most of our online activities as accessing the web and completing all the online tasks from our Smartphones have become more convenient and easier than using a laptop.

Therefore, it is important we use a VPN client while performing confidential tasks on our Smartphones as well. There are a lot of VPN clients for either the Android or iOS operating systems, however, today we are here with a review of the best VPN client for both the Android and iOS operating system, the Rocket VPN client.

Rocket VPN: One of the best VPN Client for Android and iOS:

There are a lot of customer friendly features and functionality on the Rocket VPN application for Android and iOS, one of the most convenient basic feature being able to choose the location from where you would like to connect your VPN network from.

The user interface of the Rocket VPN application is simple yet elegant, same has been the case with every application from Liquidum, the creators of the Rocket VPN application. The features and options are all provided conveniently so that even people who are new with VPN clients or Rocket VPN can easily use and operate the application without any hassles. The application also constantly monitors your current location along with the monthly data consumption while connected with the VPN network.

Like any other VPN clients out there, the main objective of the Rocket VPN application is let you connect to websites that may be blocked in your location, and Rocket VPN helps you connect and access content online that are blocked in your location with ease.

One of the other convenient feature of the Rocket VPN application is the Quick Launch Apps section. Quick Launch Apps lets you select applications that requires a VPN to run, and as soon as you get connected privately using the Rocket VPN, you are given with the list of your chosen Quick Launch Apps, so that you need not go in search of the applications again once connected to your VPN network.

The performance of the application is quite snappy and it also lets you choose from 10 different locations to connect your VPN network to. And one of the best part is that there are no major network speed drops once you connect to the Rocket VPN client, whereas most of the other VPN clients give you a significant network speed drop.

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