Multiplayer iOS Games

Do you own an Apple iPhone? If you like racing games, farm games, old school games like monopoly or pinball, the list has one or more solution for you.


Do you recall the charm of playing Monopoly with your family and friends? The fun, fights, arguments and a lot of Monopoly money were always at the stake during the game.

It was a real fun to buy house, car, hotels and it was equally depressing to go jail! There was always one person on the board who tries to cheat and rest will always look at him with suspicion! Those days were worth a beautiful spot in our memories.

Main selling points of the game:

  • Same rules as the basic board game with some tweaks for the iOS version.
  • Play with a computer or other players over local Wi-Fi network.
  • The human touch with family and friends with amazing graphics.

Drive Ahead

Do you love monster trucks? Do you enjoy smashing heads in a game? Are you looking for an insanely brutal yet funny game for your phone? Then ‘Drive Ahead!’ is the game exclusively made for you. It is one of the best multiplayer iphone games.

This 2-dimensional game has wrestling ring like a stage where the objective is simple and straight. You have to crush the head of your opponent.

Main selling points of the game:

  • High-end in-game physics.
  • 2-dimensional graphics with easy to use dual control options that are ‘move left’ and ‘move right’.
  • A number of ride options to choose from including tiny cars, UFO cards, shoe cars etc.
  • Lets you choose the opponent or play with a random
  • Includes sudden death mode with saw blades, floods and rain of fire to enhance the gaming experience.


If you are a word buff and loves to play with alphabets to create words, Scrabble must have been your favorite game of all time. The best part about this retro board game is that no two games will ever be similar.

It has been one of the favorite games among parents as well as it allows them to teach the children about new words.

Main selling points of the game:

  • Basic rules are same to the traditional board game.
  • Facebook integration allows you to play with players around the world.
  • Special dictionary integration to avoid any possibilities of cheating.
  • Easy to manage tile rack.

N.O.V.A. 3

The multiplayer game recalls Kal Warden to the ruins of San Francisco to help an old friend. From that location, you will travel to different planets including to the home planet of the Volterites. The main task of Kal is to save the human race from another doom while fighting with Volterites, Judgers and turned humans.

Main selling points of the game:

  • Offers in-app purchases that include unique weapons and special upgrade.
  • Uses earned currency for the purchases and also offer game currency in exchange for real money.
  • High-end graphics and faster FPS rate for quick and easy gameplay.
  • Perfect for smaller screens as well.

Overall N.O.V.A. 3 is an impressive attempt by Gameloft that has amazing graphics, superb FPS rate and easy to use controls which are good enough to keep you busy in the game. The tasks are simple in the beginning and become tougher with time.

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