Best Apps for OnePlus One Mobile users

OnePlus One mobiles are taking the world by storm with their unbelievable low prices and class-apart features and specifications. It is the hottest Chinese manufacturer widely selling in the market as a global brand identity. Unlike Huawei and Xiaomi, OnePlus One has already made big splashes. Apart from the features and specifications, what makes this mobile the best in the market is the various apps that would entertain the users. Here are Top Best Apps for OnePlus one that one can install in their OnePlus one mobile phones.

List of Top Best Apps for OnePlus One Mobile :

  • VSCO Cam: If you have a passion for photography then the VSCO Cam app is the one for you. It is not like Instagram where people would like or comment on your photos and videos. Instead the VSCO Cam records pure photography and offers you much better filters for your OnePlus One mobile photos. If you want to follow your passion and get inspired by famous and local photographers across the world then this is the app for you. 
  • Spotify: Installing Spotify application in your OnePlus One mobile phone will allow you to listen to your preferred music while discovering new artists. The best feature about this app is that it doesn’t compromise on selection or quality and allows users to create their own playlists for no cost with an option to shuffle the songs. There are over 20 million songs and with this app you can access them from anywhere in the world.
  • Snapseed: Though the camera of OnePlus One mobile app is top notch still you wouldn’t want to miss out the opportunity to use Snapseed. Before sharing your pictures on the social networking sites, you would like to run it through the Snapseed photo editor that offers great filters and effects. With these effects even amateur photos can be turned into magnum opus.
  • SwiftKey: The best app available in the PlayStore is the SwiftKey Keyboard app. This free to download app is a must try out as it offers you prophetic guesses to the next word in use and has accurate tying accuracy. The cherry on top is that the themes of this keyboard are in sync with CyanogenMod’s customizability.

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